Mutabaruka Tells People to Stop Waiting on Jesus to Come and Asks, “What is the difference between eating a dog and eating a cow?” – Watch Interview

Radio talk show host Mutabaruka has urged everyone to stop waiting for the coming of Jesus, reminding people that the Bible was written by men. The musician sought to share his thoughts about the prophecy that has been passed on for generations, promising the return of Jesus. The warnings have been used to shape Christians into preparing themselves for when Revelation fulfils.

Mutabaruka, a conscious Rastafarian, first questioned whether or not people believed that the earth was over 6,000 years old, which was the figure he calculated from the Bible. This question led to him highlighting that people believe anything written in the Bible, not taking into consideration that the Bible was written by men.

“Dem put a book in front a yuh and seh from it inna di bible yuh cyah contradict it. Even if the logics don’t show yuh it, even if knowledge don’t show yuh it, even if yuh spirit, inna yuhself, don’t feel that, yuh have to accept it, because den now dem either ago seh yah blaspheme or yah some weird person,” he explained.

As he continued to explain that he would not follow the Bible because his knowledge shows him something entirely different from what is written inside the book, he added, “The Bible was written by men like me and you.”

Additionally, he pointed out that many mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers waited for Jesus to return until they ultimately passed away. Muta also told people to “wake up,” as many of the stories that were told thousands of years ago are no longer relevant today.

Subsequently, Muta referred to the people in the Bible using animal blood for spiritual purposes, which he noted can not be done in Jamaica without being labelled as an Obeah man/woman. Adding that while no one does such an act openly, the flesh of animals is eaten, except for dogs, which he seemingly indicated is not that much different from a cow.

“What is the difference between eating a dog and eating a cow? Culture,” he stated, highlighting that dogs are eaten in China and cows are not consumed in India.

According to Muta, the reason behind this lesson, which he shared on YouTube, is to urge people to form a perspective that focuses on what humans want in life to ensure that life is “more meaningful and purposeful” because the stories were not helping the human race.

Watch the video of Mutabaruka below:

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