Muta Talks Vybz Kartel’s Situation and Blasts Jamaica’s Prison System “Torcher Chamber” – Watch Video

Following the news surrounding dancehall star Vybz Kartel’s declining health and the 23-hour lockdown allegedly imposed on the entertainer, radio host Mutabaruka blasted Jamaica’s prison system and said prison is not a “torcher chamber.”

The dub poet gave his views on his weekly radio program, where he made it clear he was not hitting out against the Jamaican prison just because of Vybz Kartel’s current situation. “Me nah talk bout just fi Vybz Kartel a the whole prison weh the people them deh weh the youth them deh, you know how much time people a call me from the cell and a tell me this and a tell me that,” Muta revealed.

Mutabaruka went on to state, “We don’t torcher people in Jamaica this is not Guantanamo Bay weh dem put prisoner in deh and water board dem tie thing around dem nose and throw water in dem nose and mek dem caa breath, is not that you go to prison for you do a crime you go to prison to spend the time.”

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The controversial radio host also tagged the prime minister, minister of national security, and opposition leader in his statements suggesting they work to fix the prison system into a livable state. Muta describes the current state of Jamaica’s prisons as ‘hell’.

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“Mr Holness weh the other one name Mark Golding and all the one them surround him, a whole heap a people, don’t into Vybz Kartel but you see the people them weh doh into Vybz Kartel and know seh him a serve a time them never seh fi hang him, him a serve a time inna prison-like everybody else nobody nuh suppose to go through weh him a go through deh so and we know other people dead inna a prison too,” Muta declared.

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See the video below:

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