Mutabaruka Says Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Make Humans Irrelevant – Watch Video

Cultural icon and dub poet Mutabaruka warns against the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI). The musician goes as far as to say that AI will ultimately make humans irrelevant, especially in the workplace. Mutabaruka joins the long list of countless critics who oppose AI technology.

Mutabaruka sat down with I Never Knew Tv for his weekly interview, where he shared his views on the controversial technology. “What is going to happen is that artificial intelligence is going to take over a wul heap of jobs, certain jobs that you feel seh was relevant to human beings, will not be relevant anymore ten years or 20 years,” Mutabaruka explained.

As Muta continues his eye-opening speech, he says that AI has already begun to take over and points to the example of cashiers and how technology has made human resources partially irrelevant. Unlike human cashiers, Muta says AI does not need lunch breaks or get tired.

Muta explains by stating, “When you go in a supermarket yah so, them have a sista who sidung deh and pass the food over waa light, and you see it check. Well no more, them not going to need cashier anymore cah the cashier is of no significance to the scheme of tings.”

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In closing, the radio show host also outlines that small countries like Jamaica are unprepared and not geared towards fully understanding AI, which will result in the unavailability of countless jobs and opportunities.

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Watch the video below:

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