Exotic Dancer’s Throat Slashed After Refusing to Have Sex with Customer – Graphic Images

Friday, December 1, 2023, 3:37 PM

An exotic dancer is without a source of income to take care of her children after she was repeatedly attacked and her throat slashed because she refused a customer’s request to have sex with him.

The dancer shared that she entered the profession while she was still attending high school at the age of 15 as a means of survival. She disclosed that she lost both of her parents at an early age, with her mother passing away when she was seven from an illness and her father later dying when she was 12 in a house fire with her stepmother, sister, and niece. Orphaned, she was placed in a children’s home and became pregnant with her first of three children at 16. 


Now 29, the dancer longs to leave exotic dancing behind and perhaps even continue her education. But with no other work experience, she is unsure how she would provide for her children. The dancer disclosed to the Jamaica Star that she was reluctant to take on her most recent dancing gig but was forced to do so due to her circumstances.

She explained she has never sold sexual favours and is always clear about it, but was hounded by a customer at her last performance.

Image shows cuts

“I was dancing, and a guy came and tip mi $1,500 and buy mi a drink. After that, him tell mi say mi must go home with him, suh mi tell him no,” the dancer stated.

Based on her recollection, he was angry at her refusal, she detailed that the irate customer threatened her, but she completed her shift, the confrontation fading from her mind. However, while waiting for a taxi, the man came back and confronted her. He asked if she took him for an idiot, and after she told the man once again that she did not sell sex, he reportedly attacked her, hitting her with a bottle that shattered in her face.

After the dancer fell to the ground, the man reportedly lashed at her throat using the broken bottle, he also cut her ears before making his escape.

Image shows her ear injury.

She was rushed to the hospital by the police and received several stitches on her neck and face. Now at home recuperating from her injuries and unable to work, the dancer has become consumed by worry. “…When mi kids come to mi, and mi can’t go in mi bag and provide for them, a mad mi feel like mi a mad. People nuh understand, enuh,” the dancer stated.

She expressed that she has been trying to provide her children with a better life after growing up without her parents, but nothing in her life has been easy.

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