Prostitute Reportedly Doused Man with Acid in New Kingston – See Photos

A man, who now wears a large bandage around his ears and neck, shared his experience of attempting to buy sex for the first time, which ended with him being burned with acid. Junior Linval Reid, a 27-year-old St Mary resident, said that he was burnt with acid and robbed by a woman who claimed to be a sex worker. While speaking to the Jamaica Star, he warned other males to exercise caution to avoid suffering a similar or worse fate.

Reid explained that he was leaving an event at Emancipation Park in New Kingston on July 10 when a woman made her way up to him. The woman inquired if he was doing “business,” and he asked her about the price. While he said he had never purchased sexual services before, he dipped his hand into his pocket after the woman told him it was $2,000.


“Mi have $8,000 in mi pocket into a bag, suh mi guh into mi pocket and take out the bag fi go pay har and she grab the bag. When she grab the bag, mi try take it back from har, and mi just see when she raise har hand and mi body start burn mi like fire,” he added. After being doused with the corrosive substance, he ran to the New Kingston Police Post. He was subsequently transported to the Kingston Public Hospital and treated for severe burns. He reported that he had only spent a couple of hours at the hospital, but he received burns on his hand, a part of his neck, his chest, and a part of his ears.

While The Jamaica Star did not see a copy of the report Reid filed, Reid informed the media that he was laid off from the hardware company he worked at in Kingston. Asking for help, Reid shared that he feels recurring pain in his upper body. He should do plastic surgery and skin grafting on his neck, and he expressed that he wishes to get his skin back “as normal as possible.” Reid said the burns are preventing him from working, and even though he did not want to beg for help, he is unable to care for himself. Anyone who wants to help Reid can contact him at 876-880-6640.

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