Sex Buyer and Prostitute Interviewed About Their Viral Incident [Video]

After going viral several days ago, Platinum and the Sex worker he was dealing with as come forward to explain their sides of the story. “di girl dont want mi satisfy, mi turn her backway and a gi har the seven head drogan” He explains comedically.


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Platinum talks giving har “di seven head drogan” 🤣

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“mi seh no pu$$y fi yo todeh a beaten fi yo” Watch Below as the female sex worker tells her side of the story and why she had to beat Platinum up.


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2 sides to a story… 😂

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Also see


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the gal a wicked she waan money an na tek nu dragon keshia u wicked 😐

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Based on both stories one can conclude that Platinum was not fully pleasured due to the fact that the sex worker could not manage the seven head dragon he had in his pants. Hence an upset Platinum demanded back his money amounting 10,000.

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