L.A. Lewis talks about being kidnapped by the Police plus teaches Judge about his “Maroon” Rights in Court – Video

February 1, 2021 9:24 AM

L.A. Lewis who refers to himself as the seven-star general and now the Paramount Chief of the Maroons, in a recent interview, also revealed that he is now in the Maroon Government as the Emperor.

Lewis was recently arrested and charged because he was trying to protect a 14-year-old girl, when a police officer tried to arrest her and handling her in a rough way. It is possible that Lewis and the girl were charged after they were told to move and keep on moving and they were also charged with breaking the new Covid-19 law.


Lewis said he was not arrested he was kidnapped.

He also revealed that the judge is working for the Queen and she has no jurisdiction over him because he is a Maroon who is at a high level, even though the Jamaican constitution appointed the judge who was giving him orders.

L.A. believes he represents the police, the nurses, the army and other groups in Jamaica. However, he was charged after he joined a Maroon group demonstrating against the Covid-19 vaccine.

The police told the people to move and keep on moving which some people didn’t follow quickly, and as a result, the officers decided to take some of them to the station to charge them.

He believes he is one of the chosen Israelite’s, because he has the hair like wool, the skin as burnt brass, eyes red as fire and his feet are like clay, these are the features of the Jews that was mentioned in the Bible. He then declared that there will be no peace until Maroons are sent back to Africa.

He believes the judge did not expect him to teach her about the constitution of Jamaica, but he says he knows the laws.


He might go back to court to see if the child is being charged. Lewis says he can sue the judge because he is holding a high position among the Maroons.

Lewis says he has 3 Mercedes Benz and other vehicles, he has many lawyers and he is a genius so he couldn’t be crazy. Lewis outlines that he is not about to take the evaluation that was ordered by the judge.

The next court date is March 16th ,2021. He says it is up to him to decide to go or not to go back to Court.


He says he has done more reading about the law than Vybz Kartel and he cannot be locked up in the same way Kartel is locked up, as an innocent man who was framed.

Watch the full interview below.



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