LA Lewis Claims Miss Kitty Might Be Pregnant With His Baby

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:32 PM

LA Lewis is once again making controversial remarks as he speaks on Miss Kitty’s pregnancy. The social media personality is well known for making comedic and disrespectful statements, as well as taking shots at public figures.

More than once, Miss Kitty has been the bull’s eye for LA Lewis target practice, and on Sunday, the Seven Star General insinuated that her husband might not be the father of her baby.



Speaking on the newly revealed pregnancy, LA Lewis went into a detailed explanation of why he believes that Ian Wilkinson, Miss Kitty’s husband, was not the father of the baby.

“Him deh wid Miss Kitty long time and a whine and a whine and a grind and a grind and cyah pregnant people…mi know how long him deh wid har enuh people….so a nuh him breed Miss Kitty people,” he said.

The self-proclaimed Maroon Emperor continued by saying that a “sperms-donor” impregnated Miss Kitty. He added that a DNA test should be done when the baby arrives, and he even warned fans that the results might point to him being the father.

Watch The video of La Lewis below:


When LA Lewis shared the video on his Instagram page, some people reacted by saying, “Mine you get sue .😂😂,” “We di peeple kno iz the emperor breed kity 7777777,” and “Low the woman alone and find something constructive to do.”

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