LA Lewis Files Assault Charges Against Minister Olivia “Babsy” Grange And Gives Her 24 Hours To Apologize

The controversial internet sensation and self-proclaimed emperor of the Maroons LA Lewis announced on March 24 that he has filed assault charges against the Minister of Culture Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange and he is giving her 24 hours to make a public apology or have the matter dealt with in court.

The assault charges were filed regarding the incident on Tuesday that took place in Trench Town when Minister Grange instructed that he was removed from an event.


Lewis, who said he is traumatized, filed the report on Wednesday at Trench Town police station, South St Andrew.

The assault that the minister allegedly committed was during her attempt to escort him from the premises of Culture Yard in Trench Town, which was where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were attending.

Culture Yard was the home of the legendary reggae icon Bob Marley and it was transformed into a culture centre and museum.

In a statement to the reporters, LA Lewis said, “Me under trauma because at the end of the day me nuh used to things like this.”

He stated that while he was used to being among excitement, he was not accustomed to someone putting their hands on him and, even worse, leaving a bruise.

“She do like a push she a push me but she grab her claw in me hard and leave an imprint. Me never did a expect it but me still a smile fi make it look like nothing nah gwaan because the media was in front of me and me never want to look embarrassed,” He stated.

Reportedly, Minister Grange has not been able to be contacted for a comment on the report.

The viral video of Grange interrupting a media interview to tell LA Lewis he had to leave the event.

“LA, this is not your show. Come,” Grange said in the video as she placed the palm of her right hand on his back.

When LA Lewis acknowledged her but did not stop the interview, she beckoned to businessman George Phang saying, “Deal with that.”

Lewis recalled that when the “honourable George Phang, justice of the peace,” came and saw it was him, he indicated that Lewis was not a problem, but Grange insisted that he was removed by saying, “Move that”.

Lewis explained that Phang told him to, “walk her out and avoid all of the trouble”.

Lewis reportedly sought medical attention for the alleged bruising he received from the minister. Lewis presented a purported medical report to the reporters that was dated March 23. On the report, it was stated that Lewis was suffering from a serious bruise on his left shoulder blade and was signed by Medical Doctor Kemone Robinson.

The report also detailed that the injury is consistent with infliction by blunt trauma, however, it might not be permanent. He was also prescribed painkillers.

Additionally, Lewis said the incident made him fearful being that later the same day two men approached him and allegedly threatened him saying he was never to be seen in the area again, “none at all”.

LA Lewis is also giving Minister Grange 24 hours to publicly apologize to him or face court.

The apology is required by 3:00 pm on Friday, March 25 as Lewis said Grange “insulted the maroon government”.

In the description of what happened he said that she treated him like a piece of trash and, being that he always liked Grange, he was deeply hurt.

Meanwhile, Lewis’ attorney-at-law, Charles stated that the situation was not to be taken lightly as Lewis was taking “the physical attack on him by Minister Babsy Grange very seriously and noted that the laws of Jamaica are applicable to any minister in the same manner as anyone else”.

Watch LA Lewis speak about the report at the station

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