Laa Lee under fire after kids sing about “Cornflakes and buddy wata”

[Sharingbuttons]Laa Lee feels he did nothing wrong since he has two Versions of the Cornflakes song. Laa Lee Ranks is a fast-rising star in the dancehall because of his very catchy song “Watz On Sale” (Cornflakes). He is making guest appearances at events more often.

He recently visited the Windward Road Primary and Junior High School in Kingston where the children were very excited to hear him and they sang along with him when he did the clean version of the song.
However, some persons didn’t like the idea of him singing that song in schools, but others were fine with it, they congratulated him on his big break and encouraged him.


Laa Lee has revealed that he didn’t expect the song to do as well as it is doing, he didn’t think it would get public attention. It seems as though the children are singing the version of the song that is not fit for airplay, but Laa Lee says he tried to perform the clean version for them and he can’t do anything about them hearing the other version.


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