Laden sentenced to 4 years in Prison

Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 5:27 PM

Thirty-Three year old dancehall artiste Laden who plead guilty last month to gun and ammunition charges in the St Elizabeth Circuit Court was sentenced today December 16th.

Laden whose real name is O’keele Aaron has been ordered by High Court Judge Justice Evan Brown to spend four years for the illegal possession of a firearm and 18 months for the illegal possession of ammunition.


The court proceedings took place at the St Elizabeth Circuit Court in Black River

Laden who was initially arrested and charged along with two other men who are brothers back in october, on November 30th accepted full responsibility for the firearm and the two other men walks free.

The original report by the police is that Laden was traveling in a black Mercedes motor car after curfew hours, the car was signaled to stop by the police, the car reportedly stopped then sped off as the police approached.

A high-speed chase developed and the police reportedly saw an object being thrown from the sunroof of the vehicle at one point, the men were later apprehended and taken to the spot where the object was thrown out of the car, a search ensued and the police found a pistol with one round of ammunition.

Laden’s legal team today was attorneys Thomas Levene and Jodi Taylor.

Laden is most known for his hit song titled “Time to Shine”.

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