Laden Sings of ‘Genuine Love’ in New Music Video

Dancehall artiste Laden released a love song for the ladies with vibrant visuals, presenting an interesting story. Laden’s new song, Genuine Love, features the deejay professing his affection to a woman who seems to reciprocate his love.

In the chorus, Laden expresses his desire to make his love interest his exclusive partner, saying, “Yuh give me genuine love, baby, yeah you fi get the wedding ring now. Love toxic, but mi settling down. Nothing beneficial, give me genuine love.”

The song is produced by Graba Vybz Entertainment, and the music video is directed by North Coast Films.

In the visuals, Laden can be seen working as a gardener and watching a woman who gives him sultry looks.

Later, Laden falls asleep while on the job and dreams of pursuing the female. The music video transitions into Laden’s dream, in which he is dressed flashier, to him singing in his casual gardening attire.

Additional scenes show him and the woman at the poolside, Laden playing basketball alone on a court, and the woman dancing just outside the court. Later in the video, Laden awakens and continues with his gardening duties.

Watch Laden’s Genuine Love music video below:

The music video was released on YouTube on Friday, March 1, 2024.

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Fans took the comments with praise, with one viewer expressing, “Greatness!!! Laden!! MUSIC VIDEO ‼️Truntup 2024 BIG UP THE ARTIST INNA REAL LIFE 👍🏾👍🏾.”

Another fan said, “Bad song and the man wah shoot this video make it maaaaaad.”

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