WATCH: Skeng Reps for The Underworld in “Demon Soul” Music Video

Dancehall artiste Skeng has released a new song titled Demon Soul, accompanied by interesting visuals that feature him representing for the underworld. The music video comes several days after the deejay made a controversial post claiming he and Tommy Lee Sparta are “Satan disciples,” leading to a wave of criticism.

Demon Soul is a raunchy song that delves into explicit details about a sexual encounter between a man and a woman. The lyrics indicate that the woman is enticed by the man, who is described as a demon and the devil.

“Demon dung inna har soul, yeah she brave, yeah she bold, yeah she freaky, she whore out. She a dance fi di devil and she know now, see di style and a put on a show now,” Skeng deejays.

The music video shows women dressed provocatively, and their eyes often red and green, as they seductively caress themselves.

Mostly showing dimly lit scenes, it also captures Skeng with red eyes, smoking, and sitting in a chair with a female dancing in front of him.

The video also shows him surrounded by a group of women who are caressing him and dancing.

Watch Skeng’s Demon Soul music video:

Ten hours after the music video was released on February 29 on YouTube, it amassed over 39,322 views and 6.3K likes.

The music video has mostly received positive feedback, with one viewer commenting, “I can see why Tommy Lee put Skeng pon him fav list, di bwouy ya baad.” Another viewer wrote, “Another hits skeng a dweet big.”

Read more of the comments below:

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