‘Ladies, do you want a Star Boy or Self-Love?’

Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 8:25 AM

By Wendy Williams 

There’s no doubt that most Jamaican women love themselves a STAR BOY. Despite dealing with the stress of other women throwing themselves at their main man.


Music talent Mavado echoed this sentiment in his hit single ‘Star Bwoy’ about 11 years ago. Moving forward to today, two of Jamaica’s creatives produced a short animation titled Star Boy. The author and executive producer Tilsa Wright last week used her social media to announce that the animation will be screen at BLACK GIRLS ROCK inaugural Film Festival July 2nd-3rd.

The history of Black Girls Rock goes back 16 years, with it’s mission to empower and uplift women of colour globally. #BGR has since had many spin-off projects and this year will launch ‘BLACK MEN ROCK.” Founder Beverly Bond has a very extensive resume that accredits, media relations, music and philanthropy to list a few. 

Equipping women of colour with tools to boost self-esteem and self-love, has been a trend for years now. This brings us to the writer, creator and executive producer of both the book series and animation, Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-based Tilsa Wright. Her self-published, three part novel series is loosely based about her high school sweetheart, who is presently an X-factor.

‘A break up can affect women in many ways, moving past the pain and anguish is a challenge for some.’ In the animation local activist and media maven Carla Moore plays the Cricketer’s wife. Being married to Cricketer Brian Lane brought numerous side chick drama and Tanya Lane had enough! #selflove 

Other credits includes: Stephen Williamson, directed and produced the images and music placement ‘Black Skin’ from Grammy song writer Jane Macgizmo.

What’s next for Wright’s Star Boy? “More festivals and who knows what a future investor will bring to the table,” Wright. 

Purchase Star Boy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Boy3-Tilsa-

Watch the animation below.

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