Lady Ann Accuses Lady Saw Of Going To Obeah Man To “Hold Down” Artistes In The Music Industry

Minister Marion Hall previously called “Lady Saw”, name has been a hot topic in social media recently.

Veteran dancehall artiste Lady Ann, took to social media to voice her concerns and share some secrets that she says she has been keeping for Lady Saw who she refers to as “Obeah Dolly” for several years.

Lady Ann boldly stated that she and Lady Saw used to visit the same obeah man, a man named Peter from May Pen where they had to climb a hill to reach. She disclosed that Lady Saw has been using obeah to “hold down” artistes in the music industry for years, namely herself and Lady G.

Lady Ann described in detail the encounter she and Lady Saw had with Peter the obeah man. She stated that she and Lady Saw frequently visited the obeah man where they would sit around the back and eat meals cooked by him – ackee, salt fish and dumpling.

She expressed that she was most upset and disappointed when Lady Saw commented that she is happy that Lady G’s baby died. She then referred to Lady Saw as a “trouble maker”.

In the video, Lady Ann can be heard repeatedly saying “Mi nah fabricate no story Minister, me and you did have the same obeah man!”.

Moreover, Lady Ann confidently stated that while she is considered a “one-hit wonder” by Minister Hall, no song that the then Lady Saw has voiced in her years can compare to her song titled “Informer”. She stated that this song has been making waves in the music industry for over thirty years.

At the end of the video, Lady Ann calls on Minister Hall to join the live so that they can address the issues and prove the validity of the obeah accusations made.

Watch Lady Ann’s Live Chat Below.

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