Lady Ann Reveals More Shocking News About Lady Saw

Lady Ann once again went on social media to shed some more light on Lady Saw’s hidden history. Persons have been questioning the reliability of Lady Ann’s words and questioning her identity. Lady Ann, whose birth name is Barbara Smith, is the first female DJ in Jamaica who had a #1 single for her song “Informer” and a #1 album for the Informer LP.
Barbara stated that she was the first target of the Minister, but she stood firm against her and Lady Saw moved on to someone else. Barbara said that she didn’t know why Marion Hall had an issue with Lady G, but Lady Saw came to her complaining about Lady G and spoke some bitter words about Lady G’s baby. Lady G had a baby that was severely diagnosed with cancer and went through surgery overseas. Lady Saw allegedly said “a good mek di baby have cancer and dead”, which was what made Lady Ann very upset with her.
Barbara continued saying that after Marion had targeted Lady Ann she went on to attack Patra by allegedly accusing her of stealing a song. However, Lady Saw couldn’t get to her because Patra had an international career.
On the topic of Spice, Lady Ann stated that while she didn’t know what happen between Spice and Macka Diamond, she knew that Macka really liked Spice. Lady Ann confirmed that Marion Hall didn’t like Spice but they became friends, and it was after their friendship Spice and Macka had issues that led to them ending their friendship. Lady Saw also ended her friendship with Macka due to having problems with her.
The Minister allegedly went after Tanya Stephens next by releasing several diss songs. Lady Saw allegedly made another attempt to bring down Tanya by telling Lady Ann that Tanya said Lady Ann followed Lady Saw to visit an obeah man. Tanya Stephens denied these accusations and called the Minister a demon.
Lady Ann briefly apologized to Spice for arguing with her during an altercation she had with Lady Saw as she defended Sister Charmaine. The altercation with Spice was of course later resolved.
The Minister allegedly made another attempt to drag down another female Dancehall artiste called Tifa.

Lady Ann stated that 1993 was the year Lady Saw had to give a ‘clean’ performance on SumFest and that was the year Lady Ann proved herself a better performer. She explained that Lady Saw was not the reason her career ended, her career went downhill because of the persons operating above them who pulled all the strings.


Lady Saw and Macka did a performance together at Sting in a clash. Lady Ann recalled that when they were going to clash, “sister” went around Macka with a bottle of water wetting up the stage, and it is alleged that this was what ended Macka Diamond’s career.

It is said that after this happened, Macka got very sick. Lady G apparently called the Minister to pray for Macka, but Minister Hall refused, saying she “doesn’t want to be a part of it”. When Macka Diamond regained her health she released the “Cucumber” song, which was when Minister Hall reportedly contacted her and sent a lot of voice messages degrading her as she told her to leave the industry.
Barbara Smith’s final words are that the Minister needs to stop playing the victim, confess her sins and apologize to everyone she did wrong and bullied.

Watch the full chat below.

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