Marion Hall Also Takes Aim At Patra

Formerly known as the “Queen of Dancehall”, now an ordained minister and gospel artiste, Minister Marion Hall went on a rant, whereby she publicly accused Patra of stealing her song “Long Distance Call.”

Patra made her debut in the late 1980’s and was proclaimed to be one of the most popular dancehall artistes in that era. She collaborated with renowned artists such as Mad Cobra, Shabba Ranks, and Yo-Yo. Her album “Queen of The Pack” was released in 1993 and reached #1 on the Reggae albums chart.

The former Queen of Dancehall stated that on her first trip to Canada, she was on the phone with her then beau, which brought about the lyrics to the song, originally titled “Long Distance Call.”

She further stated that after her return to Jamaica, Patra heard her singing the song and renamed it “Romantic Call” and claimed it as her own. The former Queen of Dancehall expressed that she was oblivious to copyright laws at that time; therefore, she did not pursue the matter further.

The former Queen of Dancehall revealed how she had to restrain herself from creating a brawl with Patra at Sting for her song.

Minister Hall then went on to describe Patra as “a lost soul” and someone whose comeback to the music industry is far from attainable. The following comment was made: “Come back to what, Patra? Go to God! There is nothing for you to come back to.”

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