Spice And Pamputtae Exposes Marion Hall

Spice returned to social media to release more of what was on her mind regarding the rivalry with Minister Marion Hall. This time, she invited her friend and Dancehall singer Eveana Henry, who goes by the name Pamputtae.
Pamputtae confirmed that the incident at the airport with Lady Saw was indeed true. In her recollections, she said that she watched Lady Saw approach Spice calling her name, but Spice didn’t stop to talk to her. She said that she was surprised to hear when Spice later said, “a true yuh nu know, da woman deh a wicked.”
Eveana also recalled another time when she received a phone call from Grace, who was in tears, complaining that Marion and her family were arguing with her. The arguments led up to Lady Saw discriminating her children as ‘black and ugly’, regardless of the fact that she is the godmother of Grace’s son, Nicholas Jr.
Grace said that she had idolized Lady Saw and had a strong love for her, but when Lady Saw and her sisters discriminated her kids she cried for a week. Spice said that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.
Pamputtae advised Minister Hall that she should’ve spoken words of unity instead of bashing the women of Dancehall. She reminded the Minister that God looks within persons at their soul like the saying goes, “render your heart and not your garment.”
Grace mentioned that she had begged Lady Saw for a collaboration for 10 years, she never received one. This proved that Lady Saw never assisted any of the female artistes over the years with collaborations on their music to elevate them in the industry.


Spice exposed more details about Lady Saw by informing Tanya Stephens that Lady Saw had a burning hatred for her. Spice explained that when she was new to the industry and Tanya Stephens had released a song, Marion influenced Grace to counteract the song.

Grace admittedly didn’t know Tanya Stephens, but because of Lady Saw, she did the song. It is revealed that Minister Hall hated Tanya Stephens because she is lyrical with great writing skills.

Watch the full live chat between the two below.

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