SPICE Breaks Silence And Disses Lady Saw

Spice, who’s real name is Grace Hamilton, has finally broken her silence about what Minister Marion Hall had recently said about her.
“Yuh hear Lady Saw come talk bout ‘you use to live a mi house’. Dutty bitch, memba is me seh from homeless to greatness. Wicked woman,” she began angrily. Spice started by saying that she would not be discriminating nor degrading Minister Hall the way the Minister did to her. She was only there to release the facts of why Lady Saw hated her. However, she did later refer to Minister Hall as a “serpent, wicked witch”.
Spice of course confirmed that she had lived with Lady Saw, as they were friends for 10 years. Spice also didn’t fail to mention that she used to send money to Lady Saw via Western Union when she was travelling overseas. Proudly noting that she is no longer homeless, Grace pushed out her chest, chanting that she “buy houses now”.
Grace highlighted that Minister Hall only baptized because she realized that others were flourishing in the industry, but she actually wasn’t ready to be a Christian because it shows. On the other hand, Spice outlines that she will show Minister Hall how to sing good gospel songs when she decides to change over to making gospel music.
Spice recalled an incident that took place at the airport when she and Pamputtae were heading for a show, and they came across Lady Saw who tried to talk to Spice. Spice said that she snarled bitter words at Lady Saw and didn’t stop to talk to her. On several occasions throughout Grace’s Live, she stated that Lady Saw and her sister used her for years.

Minister Hall

Grace posed the question to Minister Hall of how many souls she has saved since she has been in church. Referring to the Minster as a Jezebel with a black heart, Grace continued to say that the pastor had chased her out of the church. Additionally, Spice informed the Minister that she has not released one good song since she has been singing gospel, and yet she is out here bashing Spice’s music and Shenseea’s writing. Grace Told Marion Hall to seek a gospel writer for herself because she is badly in need of it.
Spice stated that Marion Hall had previously contacted Romeich Major who had then had reached out to another music producer to build a rhythm but that producer refused.


In other news, Shenseea addressed the negative comments that said she was abandoning Dancehall. Her tweet stated that people should rewatch her video where she spoke about exploring more genres to see that she specifically said, “I’ll be pursuing a dream I’ve always wanted, but I can never leave Dancehall behind”.
Another topic worth mentioning is that Foota Hype went on social media to give his opinions about whom he thought was one of the best in Dancehall. He claimed that most of the female artistes were singing about the same things, but Shaneil Muir is the “realest” of the Dancehall artistes. He briefly mentioned that Marion Hall should return to Dancehall since she was doing it correctly before all these other artistes came about.

Watch the full video below.

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