Macka Diamond Responds To Minister Hall “That’s Not A Christian”

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond went Live to voice her opinions in response to the video Lady Saw made yelling harsh comments about Shenseea, Spice and Jada Kingdom.
 “If you want the young people dem and old people like me fi come inna church with you, that’s not the way to go about it,” is what she emphasized.
She explained that Marion Hall could not influence people to go to church if she continued to talk and behave the way she did. Repeating Lady Saw’s words “Jada Kingdom is weak”, Macka reminded Lady Saw that Jada is young and Lady Saw herself was also young when she started in the music industry. Speaking about her love for Jada, Macka noted that Jada has a unique sound that can take her places.
“You were young, and you had this big white panty. Big old white drawz pan SumFest weh dem did affi ban yuh. They had to ban you. You went on SumFest wid one big old white drawz and skin out yuh front,” she described, jogging Lady Saw’s memory.
Macka told Lady Saw, she didn’t have any right to tell Shenseea that she can’t write just because she wants to create songs about man ‘licking’ and doing anything else to her body while exposing herself. Macka pointed out to Lady Saw that she should remember her own writing problems that she had struggled with at one point, which led to her getting a writer.
Recalling her own history, Macka mentioned that there is a lot she hasn’t spoken out about, including the fact that Lady Saw is among some of the persons who fought against her during her career. She stated that she and another singer called Lady G went through hell with Lady Saw. Macka said that Lady Saw needs to admit that she doesn’t like it when a lot of females are doing good in the industry, but now it is time for her to step aside and appreciate it.
“When you wanted to bring down my career, you went on Winford Show and yuh grab on pan Spice hand and yuh seh a she a di next Queen Of Dancehall. Mi a give it to she. So how yuh wah tek it now? How yuh wah diss di girl?” she asked in disbelief.


She continued with statements that Lady Saw should be a leader and not a follower, Macka expressed that it would’ve been better if Lady Saw sent out prayers for all the singers and repented first instead of degrading them. Macka also told Lady Saw that if she wanted to return to Dancehall she could always do so because she would be accepted back into the industry.
Macka reflected on an incident that took place when she had first released her song called ‘Cucumber’. She claims that Lady Saw had filled her inbox with voice messages degrading her by making comments about how she looked, how she sounded, her age and the song being a failure.

Macka openly admits that she loves Lady Saw, but she is disappointed in her.

Watch Macka’s full response below.

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