Macka Diamond Opens Up About Getting BEATEN With BOARD by Top Jamaican Artiste – Video

Top dancehall female artists Macka Diamond took to social media a few hours ago to share her most traumatic experience in the music industry. It was an incident that took place in her teens when she was young hanging out at various studios, mostly to get dubs.

According to Macka she was paid to not expose the person but the experience has been heavy on her mind and she now wants to enlighten us on some of the very bad things that takes place in the music industry.

Macka also praised Tanya Stephens for sharing her experience and outlined that she is not looking a hype from telling her story and was reluctant to do so.

After explaining that she was friends with two top artistes who were feuding at the time, she detailed that one would give her dubplates while the other refused.

One day in particular the artiste who always refused confronted her at a studio about calling up his name with the other top dancehall artiste, before Macka could explain herself she said she was attacked by the artiste who used a board to badly beat her until it broke.

She recalls running to the nearest police station after the brutal beating but did not proceed to press charges out of fear for her life and the fact that she respects the Artiste’s manager who usually takes good care of her.

The veteran dancehall artiste refused to call a name like Tanya Stephens and highlights that she still talk to the person who abused her and outlines that she has no ill feelings towards the person, Macka Diamond also disclosed that the same artiste tried to sleep with her years later at a hotel overseas.

Since the video was posted persons have been speculating in the comments about who carried out the cruel act but no one knows for certain who is the top male dancehall artiste Macka is talking about.

Watch her video below.

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