Minister Hall Lashes Out at Shenseea, Spice And Jada

Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 10:43 PM

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw who had reigned as the Queen Of Dancehall for decades, recently took to social media to deliver a message to Dancehall artistes Shenseea, Spice and Jada Kingdom.
“Shenseea you born look good, you didn’t need anything else. What’s wrong with you? Gracie, you did look good, yuh nu look good again! You mess up yuhself! Yuh Falafashin” These are the words Lady Saw shouted in disapproval.
In a video expressing her concerns, Lady Saw spoke out about what she believed to be the issue with Dancehall  artistes Shenseea, Spice and Jada Kingdom. Strongly stating that she didn’t care if Spice liked her after speaking the truth, Lady Saw went on to say that Spice should not be exposing herself in public, and she should consider her children.
“Lady Saw bring bed down a SunFest, you gone bring bed now. It played out,” she added, referring to one of Spice’s performances.
Lady Saw took the time to add that she has “love” for Shenseea because she is innocent and beautiful with talent. However, she immediately went on to say that Shenseea hasn’t reached anywhere in her career due to the fact that she has bad writers. Emphasizing the fact that Shenseea isn’t singing songs that can take her places, Lady Saw made reference to the iconic Bob Marley and his legendary hits.
She also mentioned that Spice is stuck in the same sound and needs flavour. Lady Saw said that it is because Spice lacks flavour that she has to be stripping on stage. She stated that a person with true talent doesn’t need to be doing all of that.

Lady Saw didn’t fail to include herself, saying that she didn’t do it right, and she wishes she could change things.
“Jada Kingdom, I see you. You weak, you weak little girl. Shenseea you pretty but you weak. Spice, you played out,” she said, shaking her head in great disappointment.


Minister Hall advises everyone to repent and go to God the way she did, for it is with Christ she found comfort and peace. Carefully stating that she isn’t forcing the singers to be Christians, she let it be known that she is only encouraging them to do things a better way.

Watch the viral video below.

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