Spice Apologises to Tanya Stephens Amidst Saga With The “Demon”

Controversial dancehall artiste Spice has made a bold step. The artist has extended what appears to be an olive branch to veteran singjay, Tanya Stephens.

In response to a post made by Stephens on Instagram “Best way fi deal wid dat demon is fi ignore it. Oonu hot. That is the Only problem” Spice comments by apologizing to Tanya for the times when she was “young and naive”.

She recounts that Tanya had shown her nothing but love in the past, but because she was being influenced by the wrong crowd she came at her for no apparent reason and even counteracted one of her songs that had nothing to do with her, for that she was sorry.

She thanked the DJ for being a beautiful humble veteran that paved the way for other females like herself. Spice continues in response to the post by stating that when she just entered the business the ‘demon’ used to complain constantly about other female artists, even some of the nicest ones, then eventually started against her.

The ‘Ramping Shop’ artist states that she forgives everyone that sided against her when she checked the stats and called it for what it was.

Spice, born Grace Hamilton stated, “eat oonu food young girl” and goes on to state that all of tem came from humble beginnings but the music has been good to them and that one person cannot make an industry.


Tanya responded to Spice in a comment that stated, “Nothing to forgive @spiceofficial go look up a song wid me and the cribbit name “Bruk dem up”. That was done for Lady G. A me and Andrew Henton write and produce it because she begged us to. She fool me fi a while too and G have noten but love fi me. A life❤️❤️❤️.”

She encouraged them to ignore the demon just like she did and it will go away.

Fans have been responding by saying that the move by Spice shows maturity and that she should make peace with Shenseea now. Another went on to say that many of us don’t realize our past mistakes until we are grown.

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