Minister Hall Issues Statement About “Plan of The Devils”

The saga continues between, Minister Marion Hall and Spice as the latest episode was published just minutes ago by Minister Hall via a lengthy Instagram post.

Hall posted a picture of herself seemingly relaxed and dressed in green, with the following statement, “There’s one of three words that defines the kind of woman i am. One is.Tacky!!!!!.The other is Trashy!!!!!. And the third one is Classy !!!!!!. The way I choose to behave myself, concerning this skillfully orchestrated plan of the devils, attempt to draw me back into where God has taken me out of.”

She then outlines that she will not “bite the bait” for her actions will determine who she is in Christ, she continued by stating that, “When God breath upon man to write Deuteronomy 28 verse 13. He did so with me on his mind. Read it, and take up your dirty bundles, and keep it moving. It reads. And the lord shall make you the head; and not the tail and thou shall be above only, and thou shall not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God which I commanded thee this day, to observe and do them.”

Hall also detailed that she can lead a cow to the water but she can’t force the cow to drink, she explains that, “I can tell persons about salvation in Christ. But I can’t give salvation. The devil has used me in the past to adopted to tacky, and trashy, and that is why I walked away from that tasteless position I once hold.”

She then concluded her statement by saying that the lord and his offsprings will not allow her to return to the place of shame, “God was merciful to wash me in his cleansing blood, and upgrade me to the upper room. I’m not going downstairs so the devils can laugh all the way to hell. Him and all of you who work for him. Come kiss out me Bible, so you can all get deliverance,” said Hall.


See her post below.

On Friday, Grace highlighted that Minister Hall only baptized because she realized that others were flourishing in the industry, but she actually wasn’t ready to be a Christian because it shows. On the other hand, Spice outlines that she will show Minister Hall how to sing good gospel songs when she decides to change over to making gospel music.

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