Lady Taped to Plane Seat After She Tried to Open The Door Mid-flight – Video

During a late night American Airlines flight a woman who allegedly had a mental health episode aboard was taped down after she freaked out in the air. The crew’s drastic response is being questioned. It was reported that the flight was in the air for 2 hours after it took off from Dallas Forth Worth Texas.

The incident was videotaped as the situation caused passengers to panic a bit.

The individual who did the recording of the video, revealed that flight attendants were busy moving up and down the aisle closing bathroom doors and whispering as they secured the scene. 

It was reported that the pilot eventually got on the intercom and instructed everyone to remain seated.

The passenger reported again that paramedics were waiting with a stretcher as she exited the plane.

It was reported that the woman had attempted to jump off the flight. Learn more from the report below.

Watch the aftermath below.

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