Lamar Odom Opens Up To Sleeping With Over 2000 Women

May 16, 2019

Former basketball star Lamar Odom is about to publish his book and he’s opening up on a few secrets including cheating on ex-wife Khloe Kardashian during their 4 year marriage which lasted from 2009 to 2013.

The former LA Lakers star Odom who is 39-year-old now stated that he regrets cheating on his wife but can’t help himself because he himself sees himself as a sex addict and drug addict.


In 2015 Lamar had an overdose on drugs and liquor, he stated after that ‘I was doing coke every day’. He also details waking up from a four-day coma in a hospital bed, with tubes sticking out of his mouth.

‘You ever had a really bad dream, where you’re trying to run away from a monster or some sh**, and you just can’t run? Your legs don’t work like they should, and the monster is coming right behind you, and it’s like you’re in slow motion. That’s what it felt like,’ he explained.

“There were too many strippers to count,” Lamar stated in an interview.


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