Landlord Not Accepting Tenant Unless Vaccinated

A senior citizen with a home for rent in upper St. Andrew has expressed that if someone is interested in becoming a tenant, he/she will need to first be vaccinated.

According to the landlord, the primary reason behind the decision is due to the fear of unvaccinated persons dying from the virus.


The place is currently going for $45,000 per month however, the landlord has expressed that they only want a vaccinated person to rent the place to.

The landlord has also expressed that the requirement for tenants to be vaccinated is something that is currently becoming a commonality, whilst also mentioning to the Jamaica Star in the interview that for a person to live on the University of The West Indies campus they have to get the jab.

At this point, vaccine mandates have slowly been rolling out as already employees need to be vaccinated with tests every two weeks to work at Digicel.

Mandates surrounding the vaccine seems to also be something that is being supported by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica as they, along with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, wrote in a letter that the time has now come for Private Sector companies to enforce employees being vaccinated as a requirement.

The Jamaica Star also spoke to the Rent Assessment Board of Jamaica about the things the senior landlord revealed; however, they had no information on the matter and referred the news team to Dr Christopher Tufton for information.

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