Largest Drug Bust In Jamaica’s History, Cocaine Worth 4.5Billion

The St. Thomas police reported that a large some of Cocaine has been seized, approximately 2,630 pounds and estimated to worth $4.5 billion Jamaican dollars, earlier reports estimated the findings to worth 1.billion however RJR reported in an update that the total value is actually 4.5billion..

According to the police the drug bust was carried out last Tuesday by special forces from Jamaica and international partners, the operation was done South East of Morant Point, some 50 bales containing Cocaine was removed from the water, a total of 998 parcels containing cocaine were taken from the 50 bales.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey states that this is the largest recorded drug bust in the history of Jamaica.

The drugs were reportedly from South America and were on route to the USA.

A Police probe is currently on the way.

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