Largest Sexual Abuse Report Made About The Catholic Church in the USA

The report that has been put together by the new grand jury states that internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that over 1000 child victims were sexually abused by “predator priests” and over 300 priests have been credibly accused.

FBI agents found out about a series of practices hidden in Diocese files. The long report was released on Tuesday afternoon and it leaves many to wonder how they managed to get to the information at this time, if Pope Francis has anything to do with it, as he has been making a number of changes in the way things are done in the Catholic Church recently.


Priests were raping girls and boys and the persons who had authority to do something about it, decided to cover it up in order to protect the priests good name and the reputation of the church.

It is alleged that some victims were given alcohol and some were made to watch porn before they were abused.
The details are very disturbing as it is now clear that the church wanted to avoid scandals, one victim was even raped in a hospital after she had a Tonsils removed.

Dozens of priests have gone to court as they are trying to prevent having their names called and publicized in the unfolding scandal; but 2 priests have been charged.

However, investigations are ongoing and more victims are coming forward as the days go by. Some of the victims are now old and they might seek to change laws so that they can testify in court.

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