Lavish Range Rover Marriage Proposal Goes Viral – Watch Video

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 10:01 PM

A lavish marriage proposal that featured multiple gifts has gone viral on social media and has left many viewers with much to say about the surprise proposal.

The popular phrase “love doesn’t cost anything” did not stop one man from going above the traditional norms of a marriage proposal as he bombarded his girlfriend with gifts. In the video, the unsuspecting woman was undoubtedly dressed for a night of celebration and was decked out in a pink bedazzled dress as she seemingly celebrated her birthday.


The couple was joined by several guests for the occasion, and as the guest of honour prepared to dine with her friends, her partner swiftly went down on one knee beside her. Her shock drove her out of her seat, and she accepted his proposal ecstatically.

What followed left the soon-to-be bride even more astounded, as she was first presented with a new Cartier watch and then, strangely, a pair of license plates. The grand reveal of the last gift literally left her on her knees as she was brought to the parking lot, where she was presented with her new Range Rover.’

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Viewers of the video had much to say about the lavish proposal, with one joking that “Love is sweet o but when money enter, love is sweeter.” Another commentator said that men like the gentleman in the video were precisely why some women did not want to date men who could only afford to drive cheap cars or had limited amounts of funds in the bank. A third individual expressed that they were thrilled that women were “winning in their relationships.”

Watch the video and view the comments below:

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