Lawyer Refuses To Wear Mask In Court Causing Client to Lose Lawsuit

Sunday, March 28, 2021, 1:39 PM

A woman’s case was recently thrown out of court because the attorney presiding over the case could not manage to breathe anymore through a mask.

The attorney who was hired to help the lady through the legal procedure was Attorney Howard Greenwald, who after some time in court declared that he was sweating hard from what he was doing in the mask, and wanted the records to reflect that.


The lawyer said he was not against the laws of the court where wearing a mask was concerned, however, he stated that he could no longer physically cooperate with the rules governing the job.

The judge that was leading the process is Lawrence Knipel, and it was reported that just last year he was a victim of the virus however, he is not using his personal experience as an excuse for the dismissal.

Knipel explained that already there are over half a million people dead, and as such he earnestly advised that the rules governing the courthouse be complied with.

The woman got her leg fractured in 2017, and was in front of the court for personal injuries will get the opportunity to continue with the case, despite it being dismissed from court.

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