Leaked Voice-Note of Intence Allegedly Dissing Kartel

Saturday, April 18, 2020, 9:25 PM

The Vybz Kartel vs Intence saga continues with this an alleged leaked voice note of young dancehaller Intence bashing Vybz Kartel because of is latest comments online.

In the viral voice note, Intence said “a jail kartel deh enuh bayly a get pussy enuh dog we deh a road a fuck di wul a di gal dem him jus a imagine fi fuck right now… yeng badniss right through man bro god yo hear”


How did this get started? Earlier, Kartel wrote “Somn wrong wid @vevo ? or a some guys a buy trending ? ”

At the time of his comment, Intence’s song was trending at number one .

While not calling any name Intence’s reply a couple of hours after was “CYA DRAW WE OUT BETTA YUH WUL UH NIGHT SLEEP😂😂😂 #1TRENDING #YENGBADNESS #GENNAJETTLIFE… PROUD A THE YOUTHS DEM WEN UH SEE DEM A WIN”

intence vybz kartel

Vybz Kartel regained his number one position on trending seemingly after Teejay removed the video that was also uploaded to his youtube channel.

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