Lean about The Growing Ganja Business in Jamaica

Sunday, February 10, 2019, 9:36 AM

[Sharingbuttons]Jamaica’s slow progress to the optimum use of the Cannabis (Ganja) crops has been criticized, but the industry is progressing as fast as possible considering the current conditions in the business.

The locally owned and Environmentally Processing International Cannabis (Epican) The Jamaica Cannabis Store which is located at the Market Place in Kingston. It was the first company to be licensed by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) in 2017 and it was also the first to renew its license.


Epican is being operated by two brothers Dwayne and Karibe Mckenzie who became immersed in the West African culture and learned a lot about the local herbs cultivation and their organic uses.

Their retail outlet that was opened in Kingston in July 2018 is the first of its kind in Kingston. The brothers had opened a retail store in Baltimore before and they had started travelling to and from West Africa as they took African treasures to Baltimore, selling artifacts and encouraging African-Americans to become more aware of the African Culture.

The brothers are passionate about including the grass-roots farmers in the business as they had first-hand knowledge of the wealthy investors who they competed against to get a share in the local industry after the herb was decriminalized for medicinal purposes.

Epican did promotions at the recently held Reggae Event “Rebel Salute” in the Herb Curb and the owners of the business are still encouraged by the potential of what they are doing. They believe in their ability to compete as they have a love for the plant and they know what it is able to do for the health of persons.

Farmers in Guava Ridge, St. Andrew have benefitted from working with Epican since they got their license to cultivate the herb and they are making plans to develop the country’s fledgling medicinal cannabis industry, as they continue growing their business.

The CLA has granted 29 licenses and there are over 560 persons waiting to be approved. However, Karibe Mckenzie applauds them for the way they pay close attention to details, as they stay within the approved guidelines for the Cannabis business.

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