Learn about Anju Blaxx and Peter Bunting’s son Physical Altercation court matter

April 7, 2018 12:26 PM

[Sharingbuttons]The music producer Blaxx and Brent Bunting who is the son of the former Security Minister Peter Bunting; appeared in the Half Way Tree Court recently. However it was sent to mediation to be dealt with in another way, so both parties can put anger aside and speak rationally to each other.

They are booked to return to court on May 24 to report about their progress.  


Both men were involved in a physical altercation when they were at a residence. 

It was reported that Andrew Myrie known as Anju Blaxx was at a surprise birthday party which was put on by his relatives and not long after Brent went there to complain about the loud music. Unfortunately the matter was not resolved amicably and they both started fighting.

Brent sustained a fractured jaw and Anju Blaxx had injuries on his face. Both men blame each other for the incident and then they were both charged for unlawful wounding and wounding with intent, after they reported the matter at the Constant Spring Police Station. The incident was confirmed by the police information arm at the Constabulary Communication unit.


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