Learn About Arnett Gardens don ‘WILLIE HOGHEART’ [Video]

One of the leading “DON” in Jamaica when he was alive. At the time of ‘William Moore’ aka “Willie HogHeart” death, he was not wanted by the police for any crime, Willie who made his name in the West Kingston community of Arnett Gardens was shot 19 times while sitting in front of a shop he owns in the Community.

25 persons were reportedly killed shortly after Willie’s death, One person commented “More than likely it’s the same politicians that got I’m killed”, while another said, “Only in a Jamdown will u have sitting MPs attending the funeral of a stright G ..police escort afta dem kill him …ironically”. Watch the full video below!

[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0sUSsEE4gh8″]

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