Learn about Spice’s recently launched Women Empowerment Foundation

Saturday, June 2, 2018, 5:19 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]The Launch of the Grace Hamilton Women Empowerment Foundation was a huge success, the Spicey one spoke for a while about the founder of KFC and how he had given up on life before he remembered his recipe and now KFC is an international restaurant chain,  Special fried chicken recipe. After he borrowed money to buy a fryer and did chicken with his special fried chicken recipe. He took his chicken to 1009 restaurants and he was rejected but he was not rejected by the 1010th restaurant.

Spice has decided to launch this foundation because she wants to help women to think of themselves in a new way. She spoke about her life, her youth and how she made something out of nothing and kept herself happy. The past student of the St Catherine High School was on the Christian side, but her father died and her house was burnt down and she lost everything.  Not having money didn’t stop her, she was very determined.
Spice had on the Black hair instead of blue as she showed up as Grace Hamilton and not Spice that night. She spoke about the difference between her two characters, and how her children have not met Spice as yet, they don’t know what she does when she is on stage.

Spice encouraged the women there to fight for their success and try not to say bad things about other women, they should refuse to comment if something bad came into their thoughts. Tearing down other women has been a thing that a lot of women do without even thinking about it, and it has become worse now since social media has become so popular.  However many lives could be much better if women would help to lift each other up and help each other to grow businesses or follow their dreams and keep each other motivated instead. A change in the mentality of Jamaican women can be seen as what the Grace Hamilton Foundation is all about. She told the women to choose who they wanted to be, they can either be a loser or a winner.

Being a perfectionist is something Spice spoke about, she even said she can be miserable, but she said the team of women she works with, are aware of her need for perfection and they are willing to do their best to meet the targets she has set.

She introduced her team of ladies who will be answering the phones when women want to reach out to the foundation to speak about their plans to improve their lives. She will be using her platform to post information about the women who want help, that is how the foundation will work.

The event was well attended, D Angel, Winford Williams, Lisa Hanna and other popular persons were there and everyone got an opportunity to mix and mingle and get to know each other.


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