Learn about the Life of PREKEH BWOY, Jamaica’s Most Wanted [Video]

Friday, July 24, 2020, 8:12 PM GMT-5

“Me a teach Jamaica government and police dem seh this a one a di worst wanted man dem ago si” States Prekeh Bwoy several months ago who also stated that the police cant kill him because his obeah is strong.

Prekeh recently returned from Haiti where he also is believed to be wanted for murder.


According to the JDF, Prekeh was wanted in Jamaica for at least 12 murders. Delano ‘Prekeh Bwoy’ Wilmot was cut down by members of the JDF after they found him Wednesday morning in dense bushes.

Several residents including his family members have been vocal in expressing their joy to see Delano ‘Prekeh Bwoy’ Wilmot gone for he was a nuisance to the community.

Learn more in the video report below

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