Learn More about “Dalton Harris” and his Talent

Recently Donovan Jermaine, the producer who helped Buju Banton to become the star he is, spoke about Dalton Harris in an interview.

He said, Dalton was always looking sad, but he never spoke about his problems, but Jermaine helped him to attend Kingston College for 3 years and passed 7 CXC’S and 3 CAPE subjects.

Dalton went through tough times working on putting out albums in the studio and going to school, but he now has three albums at Penthouse Records but the disc jocks were not playing his music on radio in Jamaica.

The judges on X Factor have been impressed by Dalton’s talent and Jermaine believes he can be the winner in the talent competition, because he is that talented.

The X Factor UK “Dalton Harris” Auditions [Full Video]

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