Lebron James Forced to Evacuate, Wildfire Scare

November 1, 2019 11:54 AM

LeBron James had a scary morning, the NBA superstar was forced to evacuate his home on Monday as wildfires raged not far from his Brentwood, California mansion.

As LeBron drove around and tried to find a place for his family to stay, he wrote, “Man these LA [fires] aren’t no joke.”


He later tweeted he found a safe place for his family to stay and he wasn’t sure he would have a home to return to after the fires were put out.

He also tweeted “I [pray] for all the families in the area that the fires could affect now! “Pretty please get to safety ASAP”.

He was also concerned about the first responders who came to do their jobs, as firefighters.

It is unclear if the if the wildfires could affect the match that is scheduled to be played in LA again on Tuesday night.

Lebron and the Lakers played a game, at Staple Center, just hours before he had to leave his home. His team had beaten Charlotte Hornets, 120-101,



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