Leon Bailey Receives Mixed Reactions from Jamaicans after Announcing ‘Time Off’ from Reggae Boyz

Thursday, March 21, 2024, 11:54 AM GMT-5

Following the announcement that he would be taking a “break” from Jamaica’s senior male football team(the Reggae Boyz), Leon Bailey has been receiving both backlash and support from the public.

Bailey, who plays for English club Aston Villa in Europe, is undoubtedly one of the Reggae Boyz‘ standout players. Many local football fans expressed shock and concern when it was announced that the player was suspended from the team after breaking curfew and missing the team bus the following day.

Bailey was further plunged into controversy after the release of his interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast in the wake of his suspension. During the interview, the 26-year-old gave a scathing evaluation of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and the current state of the sport in Jamaica.

He also announced that he would be stepping back from international football with the Reggae Boyz. Following the interview, Bailey has been receiving mixed reactions from football fans on social media.

As Bailey’s polarizing interview came on the heels of his suspension, a number of Reggae Boyz fans believe that his statements are directly related to his removal from the squad. In addition to accusing Bailey of wanting special treatment and an exemption from the rules, several fans also questioned if he would have dared miss his curfew while in England playing for Aston Villa.

“Bro nah go lie I understand that you wanted your own ways and it didn’t work out in your favor but I’m sure you wouldn’t did such thing with your club. Bro stay humble and always remember where you are coming from. No one is bigger than the rules and I’m in full agreement with the head coach!” one fan stated.

Another wrote, “Him cyah dweet in England so why u feel u can do it here… kmt there was a team before u and will be after u nuh bigger than the team ….. go easy yout! …. Jamaican saying, ‘show off bring disgrace.’ “

Furious by Bailey’s declaration that he would not be returning to the Reggae Boyz for now, fans also questioned his patriotism for the country and lashed out, accusing the footballer of not contributing to the team.

View some of the angry comments below.

While many fans have been speaking out against Bailey, many have also voiced their support for the athlete. A topic that many of his supporters are in agreement with is the lacklustre performance of the JFF, which has been scrutinised on multiple occasions over the years.

“Tell uno Jff leaders to lef up!!! They are the problem. Someone like Bailey had to take a stance like this for the future of football in Jamaica!” one supporter wrote.

Others who went on to speak out in Bailey’s defence advised the player to prioritise himself as the local football administration cannot properly take care of athletes.

View some more of the comments from Bailey’s supporters below.

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