“Lift di Knees Mama” Usain Bolt Here Teaching Daughter Olympia How To Sprint – Video

Usain Bolt can be heard coaching his one-year-old daughter, Olympia Lightning Bolt how to run fast, “come on strides out swing those arms… lift di knees mama,” he chanted before breaking out into a laugh and likening her sprint efforts to that of Naruto.

Watch the cute and hilarious video clip below.

Last month, Olympian Usain Bolt, and his partner Kasi Bennett celebrated not only Father’s day for the sprint world record holder but the revealing of their twin babies to the world. Both parents of the children made Social media posts showing pictures with Kasi Bennett, Usain Bolt, Olympia Bolt and the two new members of their family.

The twins seem to be two boys, and as revealed by the A-Team Ceo, their names are Saint Leo Bolt and Thunder Bolt.

It was just last year on Bennett’s 21st birthday that the couple revealed their first child Olympia Bolt to the world, and since then no one would have guessed that Lightning would strike again so soon but it did.

On Kasi’s page, she captioned the family picture by writing, “Happy Father’s Day to my forever love. You are the rock of this family and the greatest daddy to our little ones. We love you world without end!”.

A ring was also sighted on her fourth left finder which is also known as the “ring finger”, which have had fans guessing as to whether the couple is now locked in an official marriage.