Likkle Addi Disses Shelly-Ann Curran Amidst DNA Saga, Shelly-Ann Responds Dissing Shorty – Watch Video

Vybz Kartel’s secondborn, Likkle Addi took to social media a few hours ago to vent after his ex-girlfriend Chyna did another interview on Tea Time with Shelly-Ann Curran where she declared that a new DNA test was done and the result that returned stated that Likkle Addi is the father to her son, the deejay’s namesake, Akheel Palmer.

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Likkle Addi whose real name is Akheel Palmer, was seemingly annoyed and upset when he took to a car by himself without any shirt on, to address Shelly-Ann in particular and not his ex-girlfriend who he made no mention of in the short footage that has been making rounds on the internet.

Likkle Addi and alleged son

To kick off his statement Likkle Addi made note of his father, Vybz Kartel and Shelly-Ann’s sexual escapades which lead to her husband divorcing her, he stated, “Yow hear weh mi a seh.. Shelly ar whatever yuh name, mema seh mi fada use to fxck yo and yo husband find out and kick you out a him house and out a him life and from that you a carry feelings.”

He went on to outline that multiple DNA tests were done in the past and the results proved that he is not the father, “2 DNA tests was done with me the mother and the child and 2 a dem came back negative suh yuh can come affi wi name now, end of message,” he said before cutting the video.

Watch the video below:

Shelly-ann took to social media to address the matter.

Screenshot 2023 04 02 at 2.04.44 AM

In reply to Likkle Addi’s diss, Shelly-Ann Curran also went live and took aim at Likkle Addi’s mother Shorty, insisting that it was her who sent her son to attack her. Shelly did not deny and admitted to sleeping with Kartel, she even went future to talk about her and Vybz Kartel cutting cake. Highlighting that Shorty seemingly got the pictures of the two and has been carrying feelings since.

See Shelly-ann’s live below:

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