Likkle Vybz Says He Would Do Jada Kingdom Collab

July 20, 2020

In a recent interview done by Dj Lava with Vybz Kartel’s eldest son Likkle Vybz properly known as Jaheim Palmer many truths about the youngster, were uncovered as he answered questions thrown to him by the selector. 

Likkle Vybz was asked questions ranging from his relations with girls to cooking, his brother and even swimming. 


In relation to females Likkle Vybz was asked by DJ Lava if he had ever cried over a girl which he surprisingly said yes to. In further commenting on the questions asked by DJ Lava the youngster said that he could cook but stated that his mother Tanesha was the cook when it comes to his family.

He later was asked by DJ Lava if he could swim which he stated yes for however the selector laughed about the question as he mentioned that he could not swim.

The UTG artiste in response to a question about collaboration stated that outside of the Six camp and Gaza he would do a local collab with Jada Kingdom.

On an international level, he stated that if he got a chance he would love to do a song with Nicki Minaj further mentioning that if he was given the opportunity to spend a night with either Jada Kingdom or Nicki Minaj he would choose Nicki.

He also went on to let Dj Lava know that his sport of choice is football but has been recently focusing on doing music. 

When asked about his brother Likkle Addi and how the two lived he made it known that the two are good with each other and as they mature disputes between them get less. 


DJ Lava also made it his point of duty top encourage Likkle Vybz to put in the work which the young artist confirmed he is doing and not having a laid back attitude because of his father’s success.

The young artist has recently released an Ep in collaboration with his younger brother Likkle Addi which also features their father Vybz Kartel.

The project was released by the well known “Short Boss Muzik” recording label owned by Tanesha Johnson the common-law wife of Vybz Kartel and mother to Likkle Addi and Likkle Vybz.



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