Lil Baby Arrested Then Freed For 32 Grams Of Marijuana In Paris

American rapper Lil Baby was arrested on Thursday in Paris after he and his bodyguard were suspected by the French Police of transporting drugs. However, the entertainer did not stay long in custody as he was released on Friday, after paying a fine.

The Grammy-nominated rapper also posted on his Instagram about the incident telling his fans, “Thank You To Everyone Who Checced On Me!! I’m Good I’m Otw To The States To Rock My Show At The Pavilion At Pan Am In Indianapolis!! Let’s Gooooooo.”

Lil Baby also notified his fans via Twitter letting them know he is good.

The entertainer was out enjoying the last part of Paris Fashion Week, where Kanye West was also present when he and his bodyguard were pulled over along with NBA Nets Mogul James Harden.

After pulling them over, the police said they smelled a pungent marijuana scent in the rapper’s car, which led them to search and uncovered 32 grams of cannabis.

One fan of the entertainer who was on the street at the time, explained their shock when they saw both Baby and Harden being ” Frisked” by the authorities.

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