Lil Booise Suing Mark Zuckerberg US 20 million dollars

December 4, 2020

Mark banned him from Instagram claiming that the community guidelines were breached. But Booise Badazz thinks that since others have done far worst than him and they’ve gotten back their accounts multiple times then it is unjustifiable and to make matters worst in the rapper’s opinion, he is in an irritable mood seeing that he can’t even go LIVE on his new Instagram account.

The rapper believes that the situation has caused him to lose business and believes that Mark’s actions stem from discrimination. Booise offered 100, 000 US dollars to have his main Instagram account restored but, it backfired.


Maybe there is some bad blood between the two since the rapper playfully styled Mark’s surname as “Zuckinburger” but Mark didn’t find the humor in it.

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Booise claims that he’s suing Mark Zuckerberg, US 20 million dollars, and claims that the fact that he doesn’t have access to his main IG account caused him to lose a lot of money and thinks Mark is responsible for this.

The rapper popularly known as Lil Booise gained most of his followers by being fun wild and free and puts a smile on the faces of many black people “he claims” especially in the US.

The rapper thinks he has a legit case against Mark in this case and in an interview with DJ Vlad, on YouTube, he expressed that he’ll be suing Mark Zuckerberg for what he considers as a discriminatory and unjust action against him when his main IG account got suspended.

One person commented “Tech companies have far too much power but we are watering down the word “racist” all it means now is “I’m mad at you…” while another said “”Aye man…do your thing… do your thing” lmao sound like Vlad thinks it’s a bad idea but he going to keep it to himself”.


Watch the Interview below.

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