Lil Nas X Trends at Number one in Jamaica with Satanic and Homosexual Video

Rapper Lil Lil Nas who is openly gay is showing off his desires to the world which includes sliding down to hell on a pole and giving the devil a lap dance, the song is titled “X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and the music video is like nothing you have ever seen before.

The visual was released three days ago and has racked up over 36 million views on YouTube so far making it one of the most viewed music video on YouTube past few days hence it is expected to trend at number one in other counties also, however this is Jamaica and we are known to be against content of satanic and homosexual nature.


Based on YouTube, this video is currently the most watched content on YouTube in Jamaica.

In the music video, the “Old Town Road” singer can be seen doing all sort of outlandish stuff, including licking another man’s belly and kissing a man who appeared to be him. Crazily after giving the devil a lap dance, Lil Nas X then broke the devil’s neck and took his crown.

The music video also promotes his shoe(airmax) which costs over 1000usd, the shoe has triple six in red at the side and points us to the bible verse Luke 10:18. The shoe is said to contain a drop of human’s blood which is mixed with ink inside the air bubble.

Christians around the world have been rebuking the song and the video. According to one man, this music video destroys the image of black men around the world.

SOME LYRICS “Call me when you want .. call me when you need.. call me in the morning I’ll be on the way….. call me by your name, tell me you love me in private”.

Watch the estrange music video below.

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