Lil Uzi Vert Tells Fans He Could Die If US$24 Million Diamond is not Removed from His Forehead Correctly

February 4, 2021

Uzi the “Baby Pluto” rapper, spent years paying off for a $24 million gem and recently he showed it off to a friend during a FaceTime call. It became a topic of conversation between his fans, as they couldn’t believe the Philadelphia native really went through with the absurd idea, and the image went viral.

 He paid for the natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now and he wrote about it in a tweet. He revealed recently that the one Stone cost so much that he has been paying for it since 2017. He was fascinated by it because it was the first time he saw a real natural pink diamond and he planned to have a lot of M’s in his face.


His Bugatti couldn’t even pay for it, all his cars together, plus his home, it took so long for him to get this money, he continued writing in a follow-up tweet.

He added that the Diamond contained at least 10-11 carats and it is his biggest purchase.

 On February, 3, Uzi took to Twitter and gave fans a morbid update of his forehead with the gem-implanted in it. He revealed that he could die if he didn’t get it correctly removed soon, he posted a selfie which showed blood leaking from the natural pink diamond. 

Later when he made an effort to show his fans that he was okay, the rapper shared a video of his face, but at that time, the blood was cleaned up and he said he was literally tryna turn into a diamond.

The rapper’s decision to embed a diamond in the middle of his forehead might turn fatal if he doesn’t get the right person to remove it.

The tweet was deleted after a while, but it sparked many reactions from his fans who were concerned as they thought it was not safe for him to keep on wearing the Diamond on his forehead. “You better take it off. I don’t want to see you dead.” a fan wrote.


Check him out below.



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