Lil Wayne Launches His Own Ultra Premium Cannabis Brand

Lil Wayne Joined the many other celebrities making the most of states legalizing recreational marijuana, and announced his own weed brand. 

He is clearly a huge fan of the plant, Wayne will be entering the same marketplace as Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Whoopi Goldberg and Willie Nelson. 

“With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.” he said. At the launch of his brand, after he spoke about not just getting high but also getting inspired. 

GKUA products have some of the “highest natural levels of THC available in them.” 

GKUA boasts products with some of the “highest natural levels of THC available,” which they added is sourced from growers specializing in limited and potent strains.

With the huge fan base of Lil Wayne, the incredible products, commitment to quality and knowledge of the market, GKUA is set to become a great cannabis brand. Co-founder and president Beau Golob said it was a, honour for him to lead the company with Lil Wayne. He believes in the line of products that will be used by inspired people and it will feed their creativity.

GKUA also offers its customers a chance to win tickets to a GKUA VIP Party, where Tunechi will be featured. Starting in 2020 the brands products will be available in Los Angeles in dispensaries, more locations will be added as time goes by. GKUA will also offer THC concentrates, vape carts and more.

Wayne got in trouble in Ad Diriyah, Saudia Arabia, he was there for a music festival. Wayne tweeted “Never going to Riyadh again” but the tweet was deleted after it was written. Drugs are not allowed in Saudi Arabia and one of the officials there tweeted that the artist should “shut up and go back home.” It was said that Lil Wayne was told before.

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