Lil’ Wayne Sued for Unlawful Dismissal by his Former Personal Chef

According to a new lawsuit, Lil Wayne allegedly fired his private chef immediately after she left him in Las Vegas to attend to a pressing medical emergency involving her son.

Morghan Medlock filed a claim against the composer, alleging wrongful dismissal, discriminatory treatment, and other unfavourable practices while working for him earlier this year.


As she continues, Medlock describes a Memorial Day weekend trip to Las Vegas on Monday, May 30th, that she took with the performer while claiming (preparing Wayne’s meals, etc.). Medlock asserts that she has been working for approximately two years.

However, Medlock states, she received a call while travelling, informing her that her 10-year-old son had suffered “a severe head injury and concussion requiring emergency hospitalization.” Though she was well aware of her professional duties and schedule, she made all efforts to arrange a departure to Los Angeles so that she could be with her injured child, according to how she describes the circumstance.

Medlock claims that rather than lingering around, she hurried out of the location on a different airline, informing Lil Wayne’s management about the issue. Presuming they would therefore comprehend the situation, she claims to have been fired.

Medlock claims that after she left, Wayne’s team began questioning her about resigning, to which she clearly replied, “No.” Medlock claims that when she tried to get back in as head chef after her son was taken care of, her efforts were ignored.

Soon afterwards, Medlock believed that one of Wayne’s associates messaged her a discourteous farewell text, in which she was subsequently informed that she was being dismissed, with a comment from Wayne stating, “tell Chef Morghan this isn’t going to work,” according to the lawsuit.

She claims her dismissal was inappropriate under California law because she was absent in support of her injured son, and she is suing Lil Wayne for at least $500,000.

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