Link and Chain Releases “Don’t Do That” Music Video

On the new single, the band stated, “Don’t Do That” came about because of the situation in Jamaica with the youths killing each other with the gun. It’s been like that for many years and it’s perpetual. We’re here now trying to encourage the youths to develop the ability to reason instead of shooting each other. It’s important that we preserve ourselves because we’re the future. It’s the tradition of the Rastaman to make sure youths stay positive, we should be able to strengthen each other as a people. Rastafari is love and unity. Rastafari is about building the community. Rastafari is a oneness, we hope to be able to at least encourage the youths to have a different mindset.

We want to give thanks for the good people that surround us through the connections we have made. We were blessed to link with Issachar Muzik Record Label who is part of the cultural revolution, helping to push the culture aspect of reggae to where it’s supposed to be. Our connection with Issachar has been very fruitful, and we are so thankful to have our music distributed by the legendary Tuff Gong International and we hope to continue the relationship with more new releases. Stay tuned for the official video dropping next week. 


Link&Chain is a band of brothers that have been harmonizing together and co-writing their songs for decades since their early days in Jamaica. The name was chosen because of its significance to the struggle of our ancestors and it also significant to the unity of InI coming together & holding together as links on a chain. The group came together in 1986 as a trio and still has three of its original members. 

They released “Ready” in early 2021 and the track received a lot of international press and radio AirPlay. 

Rock N Roll Magazine‘s J. Poet noted of the band, “As good as any trio the island’s ever produced“. The newest member of the group is Oneil Griffiths who joined in 2015. Over the course of time, their musical success placed them alongside the All-Stars of Jamaican reggae groups and into magazines such as Rock N Roll MagazineBeat and Pulse! Inspired by their Rastafari faith, they write their own unique spiritual, danceable music designed to uplift, educate & entertain.                

Based in Jamaica and Florida, Link&Chain band has a storied history of performing at renowned festivals such as Reggae SunSplash -Jamaica, Eastern Consciousness Western Consciousness-Jamaica, & Riverside Arts Festival-California as well as tours throughout the USA. Cecilia Campbell of Powerhouse Magazine wrote, “Link&Chain left tongues wagging and hearts beating after they gave a stunning performance on Emancipation Day Celebration. They kept the vibes flowing with each selection performed“. This outstanding group involves four extraordinary livicated Rasta man: Dwight Campbell the maestro is known “Tah-Seti”, Paul Williams,the big voice is “Mirror”. Trevor Douglas is known to us as “Kasha” and is the inspiration, the strong one and O’Neil Griffiths. Listen to interviews with the band here: or                                        

After the members took some time away from music, Link&Chain reconnected to create six new sunny soundscapes on their latest EP entitled Fix the Roof. In the EP Link&Chain fused modern and old-school Jamaican reggae. “Don’t let your life pass you by, go ‘Fix the Roof,’ then get out and live it!”- Tah-Seti [Band member]. Fix The Roof has been getting positive responses & massive airplay and streams. The EP contains an array of catchy, hook-laden tracks that elicit messages of peace, love and hope. The six compositions display a theme of strength and unity, just as Link&Chain itself does within its members. The band is quick to point out, “As a group, we were influenced by all of the Wailers … Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and bands like Foundation, Steel Pulse, Wailing Souls, Heptones, Third World Jimmy Cliff, and OM.” Fix the Roof displays a distinctively modern reggae sound yet has its roots firmly planted in Jamaican old-school style. The band explains, “Our creative goal in this EP was to tap into our uniqueness, which I believe comes from all of us working together for over three decades.”                                                                                                    

The seasoned veteran musicians have been releasing conscious roots reggae since 1990. Their 1st single was African Struggle on vinyl. Then came New Day(1990) produced by Lawrence “Jack Ruby” Lindo, released by RAS Records label. In 1992 they released the album S.T.O.P, Produced by Phillip “Fatis” Burrell for RAS Records Label. In 2014 came Improve Yourself, a compilation album released by Link&Chain on the LCMG label. 2015 brought New Day Revisited a single produced by Barry O’Hare and released by Link&Chain Music. S

Watch he music video for below.




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